Beridan Naturals is a botanical apothecary that was founded on an intense passion for the simplistic and the concrete belief that nothing is more inspiring or therapeutic than the ancient beauty and depth of the natural world. 

At Beridan, we believe that it is more effective to live in consonance with nature rather than against it and this philosophy is reflected in every single product that we make. All of our products are designed to intensify your connection to nature as well as to the simplistic. They are formulated entirely with natural, organic and ethically sourced ingredients, and of course, are always handmade. 

No harsh chemicals, artificial scents, ingredients or preservatives are ever used. In addition, we try to be as environmentally conscious with our packaging as possible. All materials used in the packaging and shipping of our products are always recyclable and reusable.


Beridan Naturals


Beridan or "Berīdan" is an Old English word meaning to "overtake; surround."

Our biggest goal at Beridan Naturals is to connect individuals to nature, as more often than not our technologically based 21st century society fails to recognize its importance. We wholeheartedly believe that there is an ancient beauty and depth to be found within the natural world; a beauty that still continues to surround us and one which shouldn't be overtaken by modern industrialized society. This is why we’ve made it our goal to bring the natural world back into the forefront through the creation of our handmade skincare products.  

Our guiding philosophy is reflected in both our name "Berīdan" and in every product that we lovingly craft. We hope that by providing safe and effective natural alternatives to chemical-filled cosmetics that we can inspire others to live harmony with nature as opposed to against it. 



About Katie:

After suffering for over a year with debilitating and painful chronic migraines, and finding relief in natural healing remedies as opposed to modern medical techniques, Katie Brooks founded Beridan Naturals as a way to inspire others to live in consonance with the natural world. Once it became apparent that the harmful chemicals found in her beauty products were making her sick, Katie decided to take an alternate course and set out crafting her own natural skincare products instead. 

As a student of Art History and Medieval Studies, Katie has independently grown Beridan Naturals since its quiet opening as an Etsy shop in 2011.


(Within the next year, Beridan Naturals has plans to grow its product offerings and overall availability)