Bath Soak: Mustard

Bath Soak: Mustard


This Mustard Soak is a 100% natural healing remedy.

Fresh mustard powder is combined with epsom salts and the nutrient-rich, hand harvested salts of the dead sea to help provide relief for sore muscles, colds, fevers and aches!

Epsom salts help to relax sore and tired muscles, while the mustard powder works to detoxify the body by opening the sweat glands to release any harmful toxins you may be carrying around. Scented with a potent blend of essential oils this bath soak soothes while helping to improve circulation.



We never use any artificial ingredients in our products (such as harsh chemicals, colors, preservatives, or fragrances), so rest assured this bath soak is a healthy beauty choice!

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  • Add desired amount to tub filled with warm water. It is best to do this right before you enter the tub (or once you're in) as the essential oils will begin to vaporize quickly and you don't want to miss out on the best part! Then simply sit back and relax
  • There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives used in this product - as always, it is formulated completely naturally - so please remember to shake before use, as clumps may occur
  • Avoid getting any moisture into the bottle, as this will extend the life of your product



Dead sea salts, epsom salts, *mustard seed powder, non-GMO vitamin e oil, essential oils of: *eucalyptus, *pine, *juniper berry 


*Certified Organic


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