Cool Salve

Cool Salve


Made with only the highest quality herbal ingredients and refreshingly scented with fragrant peppermint and spearmint essential oils, our Cool Salve is the perfect all natural healing balm!

Packed full of restorative and cooling wonders, this salve is made from organic olive oil that has been infused with a variety of powerful herbs and contained in a base of pure local beeswax. From bug bites and sunburns, to cuts and simple scrapes, this balm helps to heal and cool it all without any harsh or artificial ingredients. 



When it comes to making our salves, its all about harvesting the natural healing powers of the earth and finding a way to put them to good use!

Want to find out more about our salve making process? 

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  • Simply rub anywhere on skin that needs a bit of healing relief
  • Our Cool Salve is the perfect cooling balm and is the ideal for all skin types, however, as with any product that is new to you please remember to try a test patch first in order to ensure compatibility with your skin


Infused *olive oil, beeswax, *comfrey, *calendula, *burdock root, *spearmint, *self-heal, *non-GMO vitamin E oil, essential oil of: *jasmine

*Certified Organic


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