Floral Butter

Floral Butter

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Our 100% natural Floral Butter is handcrafted with local beeswax, organic coconut and sunflower oils, and a touch of shea butter. 

A fantastic moisturizing treat for all skin types this soft, yet dense, butter is ideal for all-over use (especially after a bath or shower) and naturally nourishes, heals and protects skin! Use as a lip balm or make-up remover as well.

Roman chamomile, jasmine and rose lend their botanical essences to this butter, creating a light floral scent most certainly worth indulging in. The use of precious jasmine and rose absolutes make this blend especially luxurious. It's unlike any other floral fragrance you've ever experienced before!



We never use any artificial ingredients in our products (such as synthetic colors, preservatives, or fragrances), so rest assured that this butter is both nourishing and a healthy beauty choice!

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To Use:

  • Simply scoop a bit of butter out of the jar, rub it around in your palms and apply directly to skin for silky moisture
  • Our butters are soft, yet dense, which means that at first they will be a bit firm. After a few uses the balm will become softer and easier to remove from the jar
  • Please remember to try a small bit first to ensure compatibility with your skin, as with any product that is new to you


Beneficial Ingredients:

*Sunflower oil, *coconut oil, beeswax, *shea butter, *non-GMO vitamin e oil, essential oils of: *jasmine, *rose, *chamomile


*Certified Organic