Facial Steam: Hleo

Facial Steam: Hleo

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This sensually protective facial steam blend has been formulated with restorative botanicals beneficial for deep skin hydration, healing restoration and purification. 

Facial steams are a unique way to help clear pores of excess oil, dirt and bacteria! Herbal ingredients come alive with the addition of warm water, encouraging the release of tension through deep, relaxed breathing.

Our Hleo steam, named after the Old English word for protection, works to promote circulation, oxygenation and restoration of skin cells. Each herb and botanical included in the blend has been hand picked for their magical protective abilities and historical associations with warding off even the most evil of spirits.


We never use any artificial ingredient in our products (such as harsh chemicals, colors, preservatives, or fragrances), so rest assured that this facial steam is a healthy beauty choice!

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  1. Add 1-3 teaspoons of blend to large bowl; steep as loose leaf tea
  2. Allow to cool slightly; place face directly above bowl and cover with towel to form a steam tent
  3. Sit for 5-15 minutes while breathing deeply, releasing tension and allowing skin absorb steam
  4. Strain resulting tea, if desired, to mix with facial mask powder or add to your next bath

Also try adding blend directly to warm bath water for a soothing and nourishing soak!


*Comfrey, *white Sage, *Irish heather, *chrysanthemum,  *yarrow, *cornflowers, *lavender, *red clover, *vanilla bean powder

*Certified Organic