Toning Mist: Moonstone

Toning Mist: Moonstone


This 100% natural Moonstone Toning Mist is a sweet and refreshing addition to any facial care routine! Simplistically made with organic neroli hydrosol and aloe vera, this toning mist works wonders to cleanse, brighten and tone skin. 

Scented with blue yarrow (which give this mists its bright blue color), cypress and lemon essential oils, this toning mist is an all natural way to keep your skin moisturized, looking clear and feeling great. 

The base of this mist - our organic neroli hydrosol - has been infused under the full moon with the essence of moonstone in order to promote balance, clarity of the mind, and a connection to one's inner self. 


We never use any artificial ingredient in our products (such as harsh chemicals, colors, preservatives, or fragrances), so rest assured that this toning mist is a healthy beauty choice!

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  • Gently shake bottle, spritz onto face and rub in.

  • Use toning mist as the second step in your facial care routine, after cleansing / before moisturizer is applied. 

  • Please remember to try a small test patch on your skin first in order to ensure compatibility with your skin, as with any new product.


*Neroli hydrosol, *aloe vera gel, essential oils of: *blue yarrow, *cypress, *lemon*

*Certified Organic