Lip Tint - Duo / Trio Sets

Lip Tint - Duo / Trio Sets

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100% Natural. Handmade using herbal infused olive oil that has been captured in a base of pure, local beeswax, these nourishing tints naturally create a protective coat for lips.

The rosy color of these balms comes from the root of the alkanet plant - a natural alternative to synthetic dyes or coloring agents. 

We carefully infuse alkanet root powder, along with comfrey, calendula and self-heal, in organic olive oil to give our lip tints their beautiful color and beneficial restorative properties. 

Chose from the following sets of tints:

  • Chamomile & Grapefruit / Rose

  • Rose / Peppermint

  • Peppermint / Chamomile & Grapefruit 

  • Peppermint / Chamomile & Grapefruit / Rose

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