Mini Bath & Body Oil: Floral

Mini Bath & Body Oil: Floral


This 100% natural Floral Bath & Body Oil is a wonderful addition to any grooming ritual and makes for a great alternative to using chemical-ridden lotions! 

Handcrafted using only the highest quality oils, this bath and body blend is extremely moisturizing and won't leave skin feeling heavy or greasy thanks to its quick-absorbing nature.

Our fragrant oil is scented with an alluring blend of roman chamomile, rose, jasmine and neroli essential oils. Weather you use it directly on your skin or decide to add some to a warm bath, this all natural blend will be sure to delight the senses and nourish the body with its plethora of skin healing vitamins (like E, B, A and C). 



We never use any artificial ingredients in our products (such as harsh chemicals, colors, preservatives or fragrances), so rest assured that this bath & body oil is a healthy beauty choice!

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  • Pour a small amount of oil into palms, warm with hands, and then massage into skin. This is a highly concentrated product so please remember that a little bit will go a long way! Simply start by applying a small amount and then add more as necessary


  • For use in the bath, simply add desired amount of oil to warm bath water. We find that a small bit usually works best, as it doesn't take much for the powerful ingredients to start softening your skin! 


  • Our bath and body oils work well with any skin type but, as with any product that is new to you, remember to try a small test patch first to ensure compatibility with your skin


Sesame oil,* jojoba oil,* rosehip seed oil,* sweet almond oil,* apricot kernel oil,* essential oils of roman chamomile,* jasmine,* rose and neroli

*Organic Ingredient